Ray Quick Personal Training 

1-ON-1 Training 

"Ray provides innovative training which allows me to learn a variety of exercises which keep me motivated and enhance my strength training. His focus on improving my technique has also resulted in me getting the most out of my workouts and minimizing risk of injury. The end result is I am more confident working out and have dramatically increased my strength."
-Tom H

"Before I started working out with Ray I was tired all the time, and had some extra weight to lose. Now, I feel great, better than ever with so much energy. I lost the extra weight I had (my husband loves this) and I really miss when I can not go to my workout session with him. Highly recommended, also he is so sweet but very strict and disciplined."
-Edna M

"You make working out fun, and keep me committed to the workout program. Without your help I would have quit many times, and instead I seem to be doing more working out and definitely enjoy it more. I appreciate your individualized fitness program which centers in on my weaknesses and areas that I want to improve on. Your program has made a big difference for me."
-Bob N

"Working with Ray as my personal trainer has been a life changing experience. The personalized workout routines that Ray has developed for me continue to help me reach my goals I never thought I would be able to achieve. Not only have I become physically stronger, but I am mentally stronger and more disciplined."
-Debbie H

"After working out with several other trainers and getting nowhere, I lost interest in going to the gym, and had no desire to get off the couch. I finally decided to try one more time. I am so glad that I did. Ray has changed so much for me. I am starting to feel good about myself again. Working with him, I feel strong and confident. He is so motivating, and pushes me to do things that I never thought I could. He makes working out fun. I actually want to get off the couch and go. For the first time ever, I feel guilty if I hve to cancel a training session. The results I'm seeing are well worth the investment and time. I've been through a lot of trainers, and I will be sticking with Ray for very long time."
-Beth E
1-ON-1 Personal Training has many benefits over struggling through workouts on your own.  Getting a routine in place can be very difficult for most people.  Personal Training will take the guess work out, and give you the peace of mind that you are on the most effective, and efficient plan to help you reach your goals.

Other benefits include:
    • Fitness evaluation by a professional
    • Custom fitness routine
    • Increased accountability
    • Innovative exercise techniques
    • Accelerated results
    • Increased motivation
    • Being part of a team
  Rates for 1-ON-1 Training

    • (1) Hour session of In-Home Training $75
    • (10) Hour session package of In-Home Training $700
    • (1) Hour session of Gym Training $70